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1863 Rajah James Brooke 1/2 cent coin

Rajah James Brooke became Rajah of Sarawak in 1842 after receiving the land and title from the Sultan of Brunei, in 1863 he order a denominations of 1/4, 1/2 and 1 Cent coins to be minted in Birmingham. In this article, you can find 1863 Rajah James Brooke 1/2 cent coin prices, images, issued years and mintage info. All coins were minted at the Ralph Heaton and sons Limited (Birmingham Mint Limited). The dies for these coins as well as the later copper coinage of 1870 were engraved by Joseph Moore.

1863 cent

The coin reverse show 1/2 / CENT within a laurel wreath; around above, SARAWAK; below, 1863.

James Brooke cent

The coin obverse show Head of James Brooke facing left; around, J. BROOKE RAJAH.

Rajah James Brooke 1/2 cent coin

Technical Specifications:
Denomination: 1/2 Cent
Issued By: James Brooke, Sarawak
Year: 1863
Shape: Round
Material: Copper
Dimensions: 23 mm (Diameter)
Weight: 4.653 g
Coin Edge:Plain
Mint: Heaton and Son, Great Britain.
Artist: Joseph Moore - Allan and Moore, Great Britain.
References: KM#2.

1863 Sarawak James Brooke 1/2 coin price:
Year Mintage Note V.Fine E.Fine Uncirculated Proof
1863 unknown - 155 375 950 2000
1863 unknown Bronze - - - 2200

*Price in US Dollar

Sarawak Rajah James Brooke coins price: