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1/2 cent British North Borneo coin price

The 1/2 cent British North Borneo coin were introduced from 1885 until 1907. In this article, you can find the British North Borneo 1/2 Cent prices, images, issued year and mintage info. All coins were minted at the Ralph Heaton and sons Limited (Birmingham Mint Limited). The British North Borneo Company had the right to produce coin under its Royal Charter, granted in 1881.

1/2 cent coin

The coin obverse show the shield of the British North Borneo Company; on shield, a lion above a dhow; below, YEAR; the mint mark, H, above the date.

half cent

The coin reverse show within a laurel wreath, HALF CENT; above and below the denomination it is repeated in Chinese characters; below the wreath the denomination in Malay; around above, BRITISH NORTH BORNEO Co.

British North Borneo 1/2 cent coin

Technical Specifications:
Denomination: 1/2 cent
Issued By: British North Borneo Company, British North Borneo.
Year: 1885H, 1886H, 1887H, 1891H, 1907H
Mint: Heaton & Sons, Birmingham, England.
Shape: Round
Material: Bronze
Dimensions: 28.5 mm (Diameter)
Weight: 4.629 g (Weight)
Coin Edge: Plain
References: KM#1

1/2 cent British North Borneo coin price:
Year Mintage Note E.Fine Uncirculated B.Uncirculated Proof
1885H 1,000,000
135 320 650 1200
1886H 1,000,000
135 320 650 1200
1887H 5,000,000
135 320 650 -
1891H 2,000,000
135 320 650 950
1907H 1,000,000
285 600 1300 1400

*Price in US Dollar

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