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British Trade Dollar coins price

The British Trade dollar was declared legal tender on 2 February 1895 by an Order of Council in the Straits Settlements, Hong Kong and Labuan (off the north-west coast of British North Borneo). Three mints participated in the minting of the coins Bombay Mint, Calcutta Mint and Royal Mint. The coin had a diameter of 39 mm and was struck in 26.95 grams (416 grains) of 0.900 fine silver. The dies were prepared by London Royal Mint engraver G W De Saulles. You can read more about the history here; British Trade Dollar History.

Trade Dollar

1895-1934 British Trade Dollar coins
Obverse: Britannia (posed by Lady Susan Hiks-Beach for artist G.W. De Saulles) standing helmeted looking to left with her right hand grasps a trident and her left hand resting on an oval sheild bearing the united cross of St. George of England, St. Andrew of Scotland and St. Patrick of Ireland surrounded by a Chinese scroll-pattern border. A sailing ship is in the distance with the denomination "ONE DOLLAR" above and year date below.

Reverse: in the centre between the denominations was a Chinese labyrinth, one of the many variations of the Chinese character "shou" for longevity encircled by 4 compartments containing Chinese characters for "Yi Yuan" and Malay Jawi characters for "Satu Ringgit"; all encircled by a Chinese scroll border.

Technical Specifications:
Denomination: 1 dollar
Issued by: Straits Settlements
Diameter: 39 mm
Thickness: 1.9 mm
Weight: 26.95 grams
Coin Shape: Round
Composition: .900 Silver
Coin Edge:Milled
References: KM#T5
Three mints participated in the minting of the coins:
  • Bombay Mint with the mint mark "B", located in the center prong of the trident.
  • Calcutta Mint with the mint mark "C", can be found in the ground between the left foot of Britannia and the base of the shield.
  • Royal Mint, London, Those with no mint mark.

1895-1934 British Trade Dollars coins Price
Year Mintage Note V.Fine E.Fine Uncirculated Proof
1895B 3,316,036 - 250 450 950 6300
1895 Unknown - 175 285 475 6300
1896B 6,135,617 - 145 395 790 6300

Unknown1897 over 1896B145220570-
1897B 21,286,427 - 2550160 6300
1897 Unknown - 2550160 -
1898B 21,545,564 - 2550160 22000
1898 Unknown - 2550160 -
1899B 30,743,159 - 2550160 6300

Unknown1900 over 1900B250450950-

Unknown1900 over 1890B50015003000-

Unknown1901B over 1900B160220500-

Unknown1903B over 1902B150350950-

Unknown1904B over 1898B3756501200-

Unknown1904B over 1903B3756501200-

Unknown1904B over 1900B3756501200-

Unknown1908B over 1903B110200450-

Unknown1908B over 1907B110200450-

Unknown1909B over 1908B110200450-

Unknown1910B over 1900B45130300-
1921B50,2115 pcs known exist-1200031000-
1935B6,811,99525pcs known exist350090002550010000

*Price in US Dollar